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Trout Breeding Farm in Lillafüred, Miskolc

Trout Breeding Farm in Lillafüred, Miskolc

An ancient, almost 100-year-old trout breeding farm in Lillafured is a place where you can not only see several species of this expensive and beautiful fish, but also taste trout cooked according to a secret family recipe. This is one of the most delicious places in Miskolc. Here you can spend two or three hours enjoying fresh fish and beautiful views of the park Bükk. Now you find out Miskolc has what to try and it is delicious!

History of the Trout Breeding Farm

The Trout farm was built on the orders of the Hungarian Royal Forest Administration in 1932, in the heart of the mountains, four kilometers from Lake Hamori. Currently, it is located in the Bükk national park, on the winding creek of the valley of Garadna and is filled with water from the Margit spring. The farm consists of 18 pools, a total area of ​​about a hectare. In ponds with pure water you can see trout, rainbow trout and pataki-saida, each of which lays about half a million eggs a year.

In addition to breeding on the trout farm, the research is conducted in the field of nutrition and cross fertilization of fish.

What to do on the farm

Here you will see ponds in which trout are grown. In each pond a certain age and sex float. Here, the trout is caught and immediately cooked. Nearby there is a cafe, where you can also buy drinks and other meals.

The best dishes are trout, fried in eight kinds of spices and two kinds of flour, smoked trout prepared according to an ancient recipe on a fire from beech firewood, using twelve different spices.

How to get there

To the trout farm you can get on a narrow-gauge railway line from Diosgyor. The tramway also passes through the station near the castle-hotel Palota. From the city center to Diosgyor, tram 1 runs. Also, the farm can be reached by bus.

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