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Palota Castle Hotel in Lillafüred, Miskolc

Palota Castle Hotel in Lillafüred, Miskolc

The Palota Castle Hotel in Lillafüred is the most beautiful building in Miskolc. Lillafüred is one of the districts of Miskolc, located 10 km from the city center. The castle is visited not only by hotel guests, but also by local residents, as well as by many tourists – the entrance to the castle gardens is free. In addition, the nearby lake and the narrow gauge railway station are very popular.

History of Palota Castle Hotel

At the end of the 19th century, while hunting in the vicinity of Miskolc, the Count András Bethlen discovered an amazingly beautiful place. Nature impressed the Hungarian politician so much, that he decided to call this place the name of a charming girl from the noble family Lilla Vay. Thus appeared one of the districts of Miskolc – Lillafüred.

In the early 20th century, Prime Minister István Bethlen decided to turn the Lillafüred region into a tourist destination. He initiated the construction of a state boarding house, which was supposed to help strengthen international relations. Despite the economic crisis around the world and the discontent of many politicians, the hotel was built.

The architect of the castle

The famous architect Kálmán Lux worked on the project. He planned to transfer visitors to the hotel during the reign of King of Hungary Matthias I. It was the middle of the 15th century. That is how a real castle-hotel in the Renaissance style was created. Wonderful gardens, a park, a magnificent lake and, of course, the surrounding nature, which today has the status of the Bükk National Nature Park, became an excellent addition to the castle.

The construction of the castle in Lillafüred lasted from 1927 to 1930. Until 1945, the castle was the favorite place of the upper class. Here congresses, conferences and celebrations were held. For example, in 1933, the Congress of Writers was held at the hotel, attended by Attila József. The famous poet wrote the poem "Ode" here. By the way, much later, in the gardens of the castle, a sculpture dedicated to the poet and his work was installed.

During the Second World War, a military hospital for Russian soldiers worked on the premises of the hotel. Interior and a lot of furniture suffered during this period. But valuable panels, stained-glass windows and some other things managed to be saved. Today they can be seen in the castle. In the postwar period, the building was a health resort. In 1993, the castle was acquired by the Hunguest Hotels chain. Restored and modernized "Palota" shone with new colors.

Interior decoration

Inside the castle "Palota" you will see exquisitely luxurious interior elements. Wooden floors and racks, antique stained-glass windows and panels on the walls. Velor furniture, wooden windows... it is very homely in here.

The highlight of the hotel is the tower with a spiral staircase and a small observation deck. A beautiful panorama of the surrounding nature opens up from there.

Hotel services of Palota

Hotel Palota is a 4-star hotel with many services and benefits. Staff is always friendly and unobtrusive. The hotel corresponds to its status by 100%. Guests can use such services:

  • wellness-center with a 10-meter swimming pool, saunas, jacuzzi, salt chamber, several small pools;
  • various types of massage and beauty salon;
  • gym;
  • conference hall;
  • billiards, bowling;
  • bar and restaurant with a panoramic balcony;
  • parking;
  • laundry and so on.

Separately we should mention kitchen: breakfast and dinner are included in the price of the rooms. The buffet is rich and will please even the most sophisticated gourmet. The interior of the restaurant will help you to have a pleasant pastime.

Rooms of the Palota hotel 

The design of the hotel rooms is restrained, but at the same time noble. Modern elements, such as plumbing, TV, WiFi and others make rooms comfortable. The view from the windows is stunning, especially if they overlook the Hamori lake. The rooms have all the attributes of a 4-star hotel.

In total, the hotel has 133 rooms, including:

  • 21 suite rooms;
  • 101 double rooms;
  • 10 junior double rooms;
  • 1 single room.

Attractions around

The castle is located on the territory of the Bükk National Park. Beautiful nature, fresh air, well-tended gardens and a park have been inspiring those who came to Lillafüred for more than one century. Even if you are not a hotel guest, you should come here to enjoy the sights of the region:

  • Hamori Lake. You cannot swim in it, but you can rent a boat.
  • Hanging gardens of Lillafüred. Beautiful flower beds, romantic lights and stone paths, original sculptures, benches ... everything is created for a pleasant walk.
  • Szinva Waterfall. By the way, this is the highest waterfall in Hungary.
  • Sculptures in the garden of Lillafüred. Some are dedicated to famous personalities, others are, for example, animals.
  • The Anna Cave. It is located almost under the hotel. You can arrange your visit at the reception.
  • Narrow-gauge station. In a short walk distance from the castle there is the station of the historic narrow gauge railway Lillafüred. You can buy a ticket for the train and go, for example, to the famous Trout breeding farm to taste fresh fish.
  • Sports and Adventure Park. The park is a short drive away from the castle. For visitors of the hotel there is a free electric car that will take you there. If you came with children, be sure to check it out. It will be interesting. A variety of modern entertainment is impressive!

How to get there

The Palota Castle Hotel is located in 13 km from the center of Miskolc. There you can take the tram number 1 and drive to Diosgyor district, this is the end station of the first tram. Then you can transfer to bus number 5 or 15. There is also an opportunity to get to "Palota" by the historic narrow-gauge railway line. This is Diósgyőr station. To get to "Palota", you need to get off at the station Lillafüred.

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