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Szinva Waterfall in Lillafüred, Miskolc

Szinva Waterfall in Lillafüred, Miskolc

The waterfall on the Szinva River in the Miskolc area of ​​Lillafüred is not of natural origin. In 1920, the construction of a neo-Renaissance hotel began at the artificial lake of Hamori. In plans of architects and landscape designers, there were terraced gardens, as well as a waterfall, for which the direction of the Szinva River was specially changed.

In height, the Szinva waterfall reaches 20 m, thus being the highest waterfall in Hungary. On a very hot summer when water in the upper part dries, it is added artificially. Throughout the year there are many tourists, especially photographers, for whom the waterfall is a favorite theme for their works.

The entrance to the hanging gardens, where the waterfall falls, is free. Nearby there is the entrance to the Anna cave.

How to get there

To get to the waterfall, you need to focus on the castle-hotel Palota. By the noise of the waterfall you will guess where to go. You can get to the castle by bus number 5. Also there is a narrow-gauge railway station near, to which the train from Diosgyor district is traveling.

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