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Anna Cave in Lillafüred, Miskolc

Entry to Anna Cave

Anna Cave in Lillafüred is a significant and unique attraction of the Bükk National Park. It was formed in a travertine (white Italian limestone). Such caves are a rather rare phenomenon and, as a rule, are inaccessible for ordinary tourists, since they require a separate permission to enter. Anna is an exception and, therefore, a unique natural value of the city of Miskolc.

History of Anna Cave

The cave of Anna was discovered in 1833 and soon became very popular among tourists. There is evidence that in July 1847 it was visited by the world-famous Hungarian writer Sandor Petofi. In the 20th century, the cave was even used as a church and a shelter.

What can you see in the cave

Inside the cave retains memory of the flora of the last millenniums. The walls and the floor are covered with petrified remains of leaves, grass, branches of trees and even footprints of various animals. In the cave 28 species of arthropods, as well as horseshoe bat were found. Its total length is 568 meters, 200 of which can be visited.

The cave opens from the lower terrace of the Lillafüred gardens, next to Hungary's highest (20 meters high) waterfall, under the famous castle-hotel Palota. It can be visited only with a local guide, in winter the attraction is closed.

How to get there

You need to go from the Tiszai railway station by bus No.1, to the Diósgyőr district, and then take bus No.5, which goes to Lillafüred. Also you can get here by using a narrow-gauge railway from Diósgyőr.

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