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What to try in Miskolc: for those who love tasty and nourishing food
Марія Велес
11 October 2017
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Miskolc is a typical Hungarian city with an ancient rich history, magnificent nature and monuments of architecture, some of which have been preserved since the Middle Ages. But it also has a gem, that brings tourists here from everywhere. This gem is the unique thermal springs, the only ones ...
Legends of Miskolc: true or false
Ольга Семенюк
25 September 2017
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Miskolc is the fourth largest city in Hungary. It is known for the fact that for almost 100 years it was a major center of heavy engineering and metallurgy. Today the city turned into a real tourist Mecca: thermal springs, karst caves, castles and chic hotels... and all these
Zoo in Budapest: just a step away from the wildlife
Антон Костюренко
02 September 2017
Votes: 2
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Let’s agree that Zoo in Budapest is not the first place that your imagination draws when you plan a trip to the Hungarian capital. The zoo does not seem so interesting against the background of rich architecture and rich history of the city. I'll try to convince you otherwise. The
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