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Vacation in Miskolc is...
... when you wake up in a magnificent castle with a stunning view of the lake, have breakfast as a royal person, spend an ideal day in the city. In the evening you get a relaxing massage and enjoy the time in sauna. Next morning you wake up and get shocked... this is not a dream.
Palota Castle Hotel is one of the best hotels we've ever visited. It is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Miskolc – Lillafüred. The castle itself, magnificent Hamori Lake, Hanging gardens and surrounding nature are the gems of Miskolc. Without a doubt, this is a place where you want to come back again.
... when in a carriage of the narrow-gauge railway, your hair is blowing in the breeze, but you don't care your hair-do gets ruined – the main thing is to manage to take a picture of the next attraction!
A historic narrow-gauge station is located within a walking distance of Palota Castle Hotel. This is not only a great attraction, but also a good vehicle. The railway connects two tourist districts of Miskolc: Diosgyor and Lillafüred. You can use the narrow-gauge railway to get to the famous Hungarian Trout Breeding Farm.
... when transport in the city is so convenient that the inner voice keeps repeating: "I told you not to take a rental car!"
Not only the narrow-gauge to help you travel around the city. The transport network of trams and buses covers the whole city. In addition, the city of Miskolc is small and it takes a few minutes in the centre to get from one sight to the other.

You can buy your bus or tram ticket right from a driver, or use a Miskolc Pass tourist card, which gives you the right to travel without a fee in the municipal transport of the city.
... when you are eating fresh grilled trout, and your friends from Prague can only watch it in your Instagram.
Trout Breeding Farm is located in a 15–20 minutes drive on the narrow-gauge railway from Palota Castle Hotel, in the district of Lillafüred. From the large selection of fish cooking methods, we liked the hot smoked trout the most. It was delicious!
... when you already turned 30, but together with the small ones you are floating in the basin of the cave pool.
Honestly, none of us was excited about going to a cave bath – we thought it was a kind of local attraction and it cannot be interesting! When I saw my colleagues so joyful moving from one cave to another, playing in bubbles, relaxing in a comfortable pool – I understood how cool it is.
... when the city is full of frogs and you like it.
Not that there were so many frogs in Miskolc, like bears in Berlin or lions in Lviv, but the city is really interesting because of its legend about the frog and the aspic. If you look closer, you will find many frogs in Miskolc. In addition, in the centre there are a lot of interesting attractions!
... when your friends from Prague still can't forget the Miskolc trout photo, and you have already posted an appetizing ham hock on Instagram.
Oh yeah! I am writing this sentence and feeling mouth-watering. What a delicious ham hock it was! Aranykorona. I call this place three-in-one: a museum, wine cellars and a restaurant. At first, excursion to the cellars, where there is an exhibition of various kitchen utensils, then – the secrets of wine storage, and finally – an unforgettable dinner and traditional Tokaji Aszu. By the way, in Aranykorona there is also a small hotel with fairly democratic prices.
... when you are like "No, no, I don't like sweet wine", and an hour later: " Why, the bottle of Tokaji Aszu really finished?"
Tokaj is a wine-growing land. It is impossible to imagine it without wine. Unfortunately, grapes are no longer grown in Miskolc, but wine is still made here. It runs in their veins :) A large part of the grapes is brought to the neighboring Miskolc to create true masterpieces. In wine cellars of the city, traditional Tokaji Aszu is created. It is sweet white wine. We recommend you to try it and bring it as a souvenir home.

I do not want to advertise it too much, but none of us could think that sweet wine can be so nice to the taste. By the way, only white grapes are grown in Tokaj.
... when in the city there is a 12th-century castle, but it looks like new.
The castle of Diosgyor, located in the same district, was rebuilt only a few years ago. They plan to complete the construction with a moat in a year or two – we are sure to come and see the final version. But even now the castle is striking! Furniture created by old samples, authentic scenery, friendly staff, a modern video-museum, a variety of entertainment... well-spent money!
… when it's time to leave, but you held off until the last minute, because you want to stay in Miskolc for more time.
Travel with IGotoWorld
Sarolta Kupcsik – our guide in Miskolc. We had a huge plan of where we want to go, what we want to see, and for everything we had only three days. Sarolta knows her city and its attractions and planned the perfect program for us. We managed to do everything we planned, and even more. Sarolta, your sense of humor and professionalism have won us over!
We'd like to thank Svitlana Kabysh! When you are going to visit a new place, especially a new country, you often don't know where to start and lots of questions arise. Svitlana, you are our savior! Thank you for the advices, interesting acquaintances, recommendations and valuable tips! Without you, IGotoWorld trip to Miskolc wouldn't have been so great.
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