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Aranykorona Hotel, Restaurant and Wine Cellar, Miskolc

Aranykorona Hotel, Restaurant and Wine Cellar, Miskolc

The hotel and restaurant "Aranykorona" in Miskolc (which means "the golden crown" in Hungarian) is worth visiting, if you want to feel the knightly atmosphere of the Middle Ages and taste the wine, aged in more than a century old cellars.

Legend and concept

Miskolc is a city where, in the 15th century the revered throughout Hungary King Lajos the Great (Nagy) ruled. These golden times in the history of the country inspired the creators of the restaurant "Aranykorona". Therefore, stylized performances, waiters dressed in crusaders, and knights standing near the walls are waiting here for guests. Musical accompaniment and dishes also correspond to the medieval concept.


The wine cellars of the restaurant "Aranykorona" store wine from the vineyards of the Tokaj region. The gem of the collection is of course, a dessert white wine. You can spend the evening here for tasting. The restaurant serves meat and poultry, roasted vegetables and nourishing soups, which will be served to you right inside the bread loaf. The food here is served in dishes made of wood and metal, or on wooden boards.

It is hardly the most luxurious dish – different types of meat, cooked on the grill with a rich side dish. Hungarians love meat, and Aranykorona knows how to cook it deliciously.

Museum and excursions

Wine cellar is open for visits and excursions. Here you can follow the procedure of making wine and the stages of its ripening. The basement system consists of four levels, creatin a kind of the labyrinth. In one of them there is a private museum, where you will see an incredible number of stands for the New Year tree and much more.

The large wine hall of the restaurant can fit about 200 people, so there is room for a celebration of a lavish wedding. The place is very popular, so you need to book a hall in advance, however, as well as an excursion.

After visiting the restaurant with traditional Hungarian dishes and visiting the wine cellar, you can stop for the night at the hotel "Aranykorona".


The restaurant regularly organizes a festival of Medieval culture. On this evening, visitors are waiting for battles with knights, a fire show, a tasting of traditional cuisine, a walk in wine cellars and new knowledge about wine and the Middle Ages.

How to get there

The hotel, restaurant and wine cellar "Aranykorona" are located in the historical center of the city, at the foot of Avas Mountain. It is not difficult to get here on foot. Getting there by bus will be easy too. From Tisai Station to the city center, goes tram No. 1.

Opening hours: The hotel is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 11:00 to 22:00.

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