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House of Hungarian Wines, Budapest

House of Hungarian Wines, Budapest

The House of Hungarian Wines (Magyar Borok Háza) is a museum that houses marvelous wine collection. It is located in the center of Budapest. It goes without saying that many connoisseurs of the ancient heady drink will find this place interesting since it owns more than 700 wine types from 22 wine-producing regions some of which visitors can taste themselves. The House of Hungarian Wines is a part of the Buda Castle complex.

History of the House of Hungarian Wines

Thanks to its mild climate Hungary is perfect for the cultivation of noble grapes. That’s why winemaking – the national pride – emerged more than 2500 years ago. Wine cellars are pretty common here, especially at the Royal Palace, they had already existed in the 12th and 13th century.

The history of this museum is relatively young. The Ministry of Finance of Hungary was located in this building previously. However, since local wine is not just one of the main key features of the state, but often the only souvenir tourists take home with them, Hungarians decided to do their best to popularize the drink. Then in 2006, the building was given to Federation of Hungarian Vine and Wine Producers where the wine exhibition was supposed to be held at. It was opened to the public on September 2, 2007. Its main goal is to encourage tourists’ interest in Hungarian wine and as a result to increase its global market share.

Museum’s exhibition and services

The House of Hungarian Wines offers visitors to discover the winemaking history in this country and its development process through guided tours. The written information is available in 4 languages (Hungarian, English, German and French), the excursions are conducted in English. You will learn about the difference between various wine types as well as all the ropes of the production. The museum’s exhibition is divided into several parts according to the wine varieties. The museum, however, amazes its guests not only with information. Here you can enjoy 70 collection wine types of local production, 15 of which are available at an extra charge. List of wine for tasting changes monthly. The collection’s highlights gathered throughout years and centuries are.

  • Tokaji Aszú. It is a sweet white wine named “King of Wine.” This type has the privilege to be praised in the national anthem of Hungary. There is also a song called “In Praise of Tokay” dedicated to it – Schubert himself composed music for it.
  • Egri bikavér. It is a red wine as well as a legend of local winemakers. This sweet and luscious drink is created in a special way – neither of included grape varieties dominates in the blend. Vibrant ruby color is achieved by pressing berry peels for 24 hours. A three-day festival called “Bull's Blood” is held in Eger region, where the drink is made.

Besides the guided tours, enjoyable tasting and wine shopping, the House offers 12-day wine course.

How to get

The House of Hungarian Wines is easily accessible. It is located in the north of the Trinity Square, on the west shore of the Danube, near the Buda Castle. If you are here, it is worth visiting Matthias Church and taking a look at the Holy Trinity Column. You can walk from the castle (around 10 minutes) or get there by bus (route 16). Also, Szentháromság tér is a stop for buses of such routes: 16а, 116, 916.

Opening hours: daily from 12:00 till 20:00. Telephone: +(36) 12014062.

Admission: ticket costs 500 Hungarian forints. Wine course cost: 35000 Hungarian forints. The information is relevant for February 2008.

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