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Holy Trinity Column, Budapest

Holy Trinity Column, Budapest

The Holy Trinity Statue in Budapest (Szentháromság-szobor) is situated in the heart of Hungary’s capital, on the square of the same name, right in front of Matthias Church. This is one of many so-called “plague columns” that were widespread in European countries during the epidemic. This is a fine fancy monument of the Baroque style.

History of the Holy Trinity Statue

In 1694 city council decided to build a column in gratitude to God for ending the plague epidemic as well as to ensure protection from future outbreaks. The architect Ceresola Vereio and the stone carver Bernát Ferretti worked on it from 1700 till 1706.

However, another epidemic broke out in three years in 1709 in Buda (Budapest’s old name). The monument was demolished, and the council chose to set a new one that would be more richly detailed and gorgeous. This column was created by different artist, respectively, such as sculptor Fülöp Ungleich and carver Antal Hörger who cut the reliefs and coats of arms. The monument opening was celebrated on June 11, 1713. During the World War II, it was severely damaged, the bas-reliefs had it the worst. That is why it was brought to the Kiscelli Museum for restoration. The last renovation works were performed from 2005 till 2007.

Monument’s design and reliefs

This plague column is 14,4 meters high. It is decorated with a large number of statues, reliefs, and coats of arms as well as crowned with golden crosses and halos. Its hexagonal foundation has figures on each point:

  • Saint Roch showing his wounds.
  • Saint John holding a cross.
  • Saint Christopher carrying Baby Jesus on his shoulders.
  • Saint Augustine with a burning heart.
  • Saint Joseph with a lily in his hand.
  • Saint Sebastian pierced with arrows.

You can also find three coats of arms depicted on the pedestal that belong to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Buda city, and Hungary. There are also reliefs with Mary, John the Baptist, and Saint Francis Xavier right above the statues of saints. These statues also have angels set above them. The Holy Trinity figures - the Father with scepter, the Son holding a cross and the Holy Spirit in the form of dove soaring over them - top the monument.

How to get

You’ll have no problem getting to the Holy Trinity Statue. It is located in the center of Budapest, on the west shore of the Danube river and a little north of Buda Castle. It is a 10-minute walk from the castle. Although, you can also take the bus (route 16). The routes 16а, 116, 916 have stops at the monument, on Szentháromság tér.

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