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Pedestrian Street Rakoczi, Heviz

Pedestrian Street Rakoczi, Heviz

Rákóczi is the central pedestrian Street in the city of Hévíz, its “tidbit” and the place of tourists’ aspirations. Despite the crowds, quiet, cozy serenity reigns among the well-kept houses, as cars are prohibited here. After reconstruction, the buildings of the street were preserved in the style of the early 20th century. There is a large number of cafés, restaurants and hotels here. Going a little further during a walk through Rákóczi, you will find yourself near the the Hévíz thermal lake bath. You will find a lot of travelers here, wanting to get healthier.

What places to visit on Rakoczi Street in Heviz

  • Historical Museum of Hévíz. The historical exposition of the city is located in one of the old mansions in the central part of the street. It was founded in 2004. There also is a small cinema in the same building, designed only for 100 spectators.

  • Souvenir shops. In addition to the many cafés with exquisite Hungarian cuisine and wine, a large number of souvenir shops are opened on Rákóczi. It is impossible to go from here empty-handed.
  • Tourinform Office. Here, in addition to information about renting bicycles and many tourist spots in Hévíz and Balaton, you can get free advice and printed materials.

How to get there

The pedestrian Street Rákóczi in Hévíz lis situated in the very center of the city. It is a 5 minutes walk from the Hévíz Lake. The city itself is very compact, it is possible to get around on foot. You can rent a bike (free of charge within the limits of the city) in the Tourinform Office in Hévíz. It is also located on the Rákóczi street.

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