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Batthyany Street, Tihany

Batthyany Street, Tihany

A charming medieval street with a special atmosphere is a must-see if you happen to come to the Hungarian village of Tihany. It is practically an open-air architectural museum. You will encounter amazing houses twined around with wild grapes and courtyards decorated with bright colours on this pedestrian street. You can also admire the colourful thatched roofs, traditional for Hungary. These lovely houses look so romantic! And of course, this is a great place to buy souvenirs.

Things to see here

Right on the Batthyany street, you can find out how the houses of ordinary peasants used to look. Take a look inside to see how the peasants lived in the 18–19 centuries:

  • house of a peasant farmer,
  • fishing guild,
  • House of ceramics.

The building is authentic not only outside but also inside. And many of them have now become museums. You'll find:

  • Marzipan Museum.
  • Puppet Museum.

Many historical buildings are used for tourist purposes, but there are also residential buildings. And this is a very popular tourist destination with many nice cafes where you can taste lavender liqueurs and wines!

How to get

Batthyany Street is the heart of Tihany located not far from the promenade. Look for the Tihany Abbey next to which the street starts. It is pedestrian so there’s no transport. If you are coming from a pier, take the bus number 7661 to the Tihany, forduló stop. Then just walk down to the street (it will take 3 minutes). Or you can catch a fun tourist train which travels to the most interesting places in the village.


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