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Gellért Baths, Budapest

Gellért Baths, Budapest

Gellért Baths complex (Gellért gyógyfürdő) is one of the 13 similar bathhouses in Budapest, which are famous for their thermal springs. But! Gellért Baths are special, and many epithets with "very" are applicable to them: rich, expensive, beautiful, elegant. You should visit the baths and make sure whether all these big words are true. It is also worth noting that, according to local residents, the Gellért Baths are the best in the city.

History of the Gellert baths

Legend has it that the hermit-monk was the first to take healing baths and told people about them. In the 13th century, the king András II from the Árpád dynasty healed his health, and was so impressed that he ordered the construction of a clinic. Initially, the baths were called "Dirty” by local residents. The reason is simple: there was a huge amount of silt in them, because of which the water became turbid. In the 16th and 17th centuries, during the reign of the Ottoman Empire, bathhouses were converted into Turkish baths. In the early 19th century, they were opened to the public. At that time it was a small one-story building, popularly called a "muddy barn". But it was indecent for such a poor institution to be situated in the center of Budapest. That is exactly what Franz Joseph, the emperor of Austria-Hungary thought.

And in 1912 the construction of a beautiful and luxurious complex began, which was a hotel with baths and a hydropathic institution. The opening took place in 1918, and in 1927 the beach bath with waves and a jacuzzi was completed. The wave assembly has been working properly so far, despite the total destruction during the Second World War. At the beginning of the 21st century an impressive restoration was made, and baths were presented in greatness to visitors on April 17, 2008. But, despite the war and reconstruction, the bathhouses always worked, they were closed only once because of a broken pipe. In 2013, the complex took the Grand Prix of the Hungarian national products.

Swimming pools and services

At first sight it seems that it was the palace of a nobleman. The four-story building built in the Art Nouveau style is beautiful. All interior decorations consist of natural materials: marble, bronze, wood, leather, glass. A rich interior is complemented by statues, stained glass windows, fountains with drinking water, mosaic floors and pools of Zsolnay pyro granite. And all this at a fairly reasonable price.

Of course, the main thing is water. It is rich in a variety of mineral elements (including calcium, sodium, magnesium), and is used to treat joints, blood vessels, neuralgic and pulmonary pathologies. All therapy is performed according to the doctor's prescriptions.

In addition to treatment, bathing facilities also offer other services: simply a huge number of different massages, aromatherapy, inhalation, various spa procedures (salt chambers, solarium, mud baths).

Now there are 12 swimming pools of different types and with different temperature of water:

  • Thermal indoor. Among them there are four therapeutic (temperature 35-40 degrees), two swimming pools with weights (35 degrees) and two immersion swimming pools (19 degrees). One swimming pool with hydro massage (27 degrees) and one sitting pool (36 degrees).
  • Outdoor swimming pools. There are two: an entertainment pool (36 degrees) and a pool with waves (26 degrees).

You should know that to visit the bathing area you need to have slippers, a towel and a hat. They can be brought with you, bought on the spot or rented.

How to get there

Gellért Baths in Budapest are located in the Buda area, near the foot of the mountain with the same name, on the banks of the Danube, on Kelenhegyi út 4. Very close to the Liberty Bridge, Buda Castle and the Citadel on Gellért Hill. You can reach Baths on three types of transport:

  • Metro, line M4. Get off at the stop Szent Gellért tér.
  • Bus, routes 7, 907, 973, 133E, go to Szent Gellért tér M.
  • Tram routes 19, 41, 47, 48, 49, 56, 56A, the stop is the same – Szent Gellért tér M.

Opening hours: every day from 6:00 to 20:00. The ticket office closes at 19:00. Phone number (+36) 14666166.

Entry: the ticket price varies depending on the day of the week and the place of changing.

  • Week days: with a locker – 5600 Hungarian forints, with a booth – 6000 forints.
  • Weekend: 5800 and 6200 HUF, respectively.

Massage, therapy and other services are offered for a separate fee.

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