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Margaret Bridge, Budapest

Margaret Bridge, Budapest

The Margaret Bridge (Margit híd) is one of the most popular bridges of Budapest, which connects the two banks of the Danube. After the Széchenyi Chain Bridge it is Hungary's second permanent bridge. A distinctive feature of the Margaret Bridge is its form. The bridge is made at an angle and consists of two parts, which are connected in the middle on the island of the same name. Such unusual form of the bridge was developed by engineer Ernest Goüin. His construction company Maison Ernest Gouin worked on this large-scale project in the period from 1872 to 1876.

In 2011, the old bridge was reconstructed. The Margaret Bridge is very popular among hikers. From here you can see amazing views of the Parliament building and the surrounding waters of the Danube, especially in the evening.

How to get there

The tramways of routes № 4 and № 6 stop on the Margaret Bridge. In addition, trams 1, 17, 19, 41 run along the bridge. The bus routes 34, 106, 901, 918 also run along the bridge.

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