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Hortobágy National Park

Hortobágy National Park is the oldest in Hungary. It was created in 1973. The park is situated on the territory of the city of Debrecen to the River Tees. Since ancient times, the locals are bred cattle - Hungarian buffaloes and oxen, and goats, and sheep. And in the nearby village of Yerba Mate for centuries bred horses. In Hortobágy hosts the annual Feast of horses. 

The attractions of the park are shepherds lodge, built from marsh reeds, a museum of country life and the unique wells, "cranes". The park is also home to a large number of birds, and lakes are teeming with fish. 

Hortobágy National Park is 40 kilometers from Debrecen. From Budapest to Debrecen can be reached by train. Next to the park can be reached by bus on their own or as part of tour groups.

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