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Museum of the Hungarian Orthodox Church, Miskolc

Museum of the Hungarian Orthodox Church, Miskolc

The Museum of the Hungarian Orthodox Church is located in the central part of Miskolc. It is located in the building of the former Greek school, which was founded in 1805, next to the Church of the Holy Trinity. The grand opening of the museum took place in 1988. The museum exhibits are located in several rooms, it is quite cozy.

Exhibits of the museum

There is the permanent exposition in the museum of the Hungarian Orthodox Church. Each visitor has the opportunity to get acquainted with the material world of the liturgy and the masterpieces of the crafts of monks on Mount Athos, which date back to the 17-18 centuries. These are icons, crosses, clothes, ornaments, objects for rituals and so on.

In addition, in the museum you can see old school books, notebooks, including ones from other Orthodox churches in Hungary. While observing the exhibits of the museum, pay attention to the wooden crosses with refined carvings and metal decor – these are very beautiful works.

The Church of the Holy Trinity, which is located next to the museum building, belongs to the Orthodox Diocese. The building itself was built from 1785 to 1806. Divine service in the church takes place in Church in Slavonic, Hungarian and Greek languages.

How to get there

The Museum of the Hungarian Orthodox Church in Miskolc is located at Deák Ferenc Square, 7. You can get there by bus No. 1, Petőfi Tér stop.

Opening hours: on Monday and Sunday the museum is closed.


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