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Golden Budapest: 4 reasons to visit the Hungarian capital

IGotoWorld special project "Discover Europe" dedicated to Budapest is the "most valuable" among those we have prepared up till now. Here you can get acquainted with 4 golden bars of Budapest – 4 reasons to visit the Hungarian capital.

While pondering over the epithet that would be the most fitting to Budapest, the adjective "gold" comes to mind most of all. The reason for this is the night illumination of capital's attractions on the banks of the Danube – when the city is literary drowning in gold. We have found four genuine "bars" that we have to share with you. There is enough gold in Budapest for all!
1. Night Budapest – the city of golden lights
In the evening the attractions of Budapest light up with gold one by one. The best place to observe this beauty is on the Danube embankment. There are a lot of sights here – from bridges to the famous building of the Parliament. This illumination looks its best during the sunset, when the sky is full of rosy-purple colours. The majority of buildings have white-yellow-golden illumination and are situated relatively close to one another. The wide Danube and the hilly right bank create the feeling of space and cosiness at the same time. That is why, on the rather small territory you can observe the real golden rampage.

9 best places to enjoy the night Budapest

Fisherman's Bastion
This is the right bank of the Danube, on the territory of the Buda Castle. From here, you will get a view of the Danube and the whole left bank of Budapest. Entrance is free. More information about the bastion.
Batthyány square
From here, you will get the full face of the Hungarian Parliament Building. The Buda Castle together with the Fisherman's Bastion are towering from behind of the square.
The Hungarian Parliament Building
Gellért Hill
It is the highest point not only of the right bank, but of the whole Budapest. There are a lot of observing platforms here, and the view of the city is breathtaking. However, you will hardly see the Parliament building from here. This is predominantly the south part of the city. More about Gellért Hill.
Embankment near Fővám square
The Central market of the left bank is your reference point. Here, we observed the breathtaking sunset and the view of the Liberty Bridge and the right bank.
Liberty Bridge
Vigadó square
From the left bank you get a great panorama view of the Buda Castle, you will stand opposite of it, that is why, you will get great photos.
Buda Castle
Margaret Bridge
From here, you get a view of the Parliament, the Buda Castle, the Citadella on Gellért Hill, and the Chain Bridge. From the other side, you will see Margaret Island.
View from the Margaret Bridge
St Stephen Square
We recommend you start your way from the Chain Bridge – next Széchenyi Square – and then come to the Zrínyi Street. It leads to the beautiful St Stephen Basilica.
Cruise on the Danube
One of the most popular activities in the city is to have a Hungarian Cuisine dinner, while enjoying Tokaji Aszú and observing the shimmering gold of Budapest. You can book a cruise using this phone number (+361-3171377, +361-3172754), on the website or directly in the office: Duna Palota – 5 Zrinyi ut, 1051 Budapest. Reference point – the Chain Bridge and Széchenyi Square.
Open-air swimming pool in the Rudas Thermal Bath
This is one of the few thermal houses in Budapest, where you can bathe during the night, moreover, it is the open-air thermal pool. On the night from Friday to Saturday, you have a chance to observe the golden lights of the Danube, as the Bathhouse is situated on the river bank, in the centre of the city. More about Budapest thermal baths.

Sights of Budapest on the map

2. The hot gold of Budapest: thermal springs
Budapest is the only capital of Europe that has a status of the spa-resort. During more than 2000 years, the Hungarians learned not only how to enjoy thermal springs, but also how to get the best benefits for their health. The local people joke, that there is a healing spring in every yard of Budapest. All in all, there are 26 thermal baths in the city, we have visited only few of them – this is a great reason to make a new trip to the Hungarian capital.
Széchenyi Thermal Bath
The impressions are very positive: a thermal pool in the Széchenyi Thermal Bath was our favourite. We have written an article about the top 5 thermal baths – there is a lot of useful information, prices, schedules and photos in it.
3. Delicious gold of Budapest
Among other reasons to visit Budapest we have to single out the traditional cuisine – the gold of Budapest with the biggest number of calories. It is hearty, juicy and first and foremost – meaty. No matter where – street-food or in the restaurant, you have to try: gulyás, paprikás, lecsó, the traditional Hungarian fast-food lángos, sausages with paprika, the fish soup halászlé, the desert – kürtőskalács and local pastries.
Sausages with paprika and baked potatoes
Street-food on the Christmas fair
Street-food on the Christmas fair
Street-food on the Christmas fair
Traditional pastries
We have written a lot about the food and its prices in the article about Christmas in Budapest.
4. Black gold of Budapest: Unicum
You will see the Hungarian bitters Unicum not only in shops or bars, but also in the mini-bar of your hotel room. People often drink this 40% herbal liqueur on its own, or as an aperitif. This is a traditional Hungarian drink. The smell and taste are really interesting – we recommend you try it. Apart from it, Unicum can be a good souvenir.
Bitters Unicum
The best and most unique place to taste the bitters is one of the numerous ruin pubs. About them and many other interesting places we have written in the article about 17 attractions of Budapest.
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